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Road Wrecker Truck

Heavy Duty Recovery Road Wrecker Truck Tow Truck Euro 3 With Cummins Engine

Engine Power 125 Heavy Duty Road Wrecker Front Overhang Rear Overhang 1210/2470

Hydraulic Control Flatbed Road Wrecker Truck 360 Rotation Angle ISO9001

Flatbed Wrecker Tow Truck 1500kg Rated Lifting Weight Working Stroke 2680mm

Diesel Fuel Heavy Wrecker Trucks / Flatbed Wrecker Truck 4*2 Drive Heavy Duty

2 Boom Sections Flatbed Road Wrecker Truck Diesel Fuel Payload 3000kg

8X4 Chassis 2 Passengers Road Wrecker Truck Diesel Fuel Traction Weight 100 Ton

360 Rotating Crane Road Wrecker Truck 400hp 8*4 Heavy Duty Recovery Truck

External Dimension 7555×2200×2560 Foton Chassis Road Wrecker Truck For Highway City Road

8x4 Drive ISO Certified Road Wrecker Truck Diesel Tank 85km/H Max Speed

Min. Speed of steel cable 4.5m/min Road Wrecker Truck 1 Year Warranty 4x2 drive

Max. Lifting weight 1930kg Light-duty Road Wrecker Folding angle of boom 90°

240kw Rated Power Road Wrecker Truck Engine Emission 9726ml Diesel Tank

Gross Weight 8250Kg Road Wrecker Truck Max Extended Lifting Weight 2500kg

Euro 3 Multi-purpose wrecker/5 ton flatbed wrecker tow truck mounted crane

8230kg Middle-Duty (FAW) Road Wrecker Min. Speed Of Steel Cable 7m/Min

25m Steel Cable Wrecker Truck 3800mm Axle Base 3000kg Loading Platform

Curb Weight 3800kg Road Wrecker Truck Overall Dimension 5400×2000×2300mm

Total Mass Road Wrecker Truck IVECO Chassis Operating Voltage 24V Negative Grounded

Heavy-duty H Series Road Wrecker Max Extension traveling of lifting boom 6000mm

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